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Trinity Sportfishing

Estuary Fishing
  • Fish the Dickson Inlet
  • Strictly Catch & Release
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Trinity Sportfishing Tours

Trinity Sportfishing Info

Trinity Sportfishing:


  • Morning Trip: 8.00am - 12.30pm
  • Afternoon Trip: 1.30pm - 6.00pm
  • Night Trip:  6.30pm - 10.30pm
  • Boat departs from the Reef Marina Berth C14, Port Douglas

With a minimum number of 2 and a maximum number of 5, you can be sure that you will receive personalised service and have lots of fun.

Suitable for anglers of all experience levels, whether you are a novice or experienced angler, an adult or a child and especially suitable for people who can suffer from sea sickness. The inlet is protected by the mangroves so when it’s windy on the coast, you can fish comfortably.


  • Guided fishing tour with tuition
  • Tackle (except for Fly Fishing)
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen

All you need to bring is yourself, insect repellent, camera and a good sense of humour.

Your day:

Your local guide will always catch live bait to use for the fishing tour. The live bait is caught using a cast net at the beginning of the tour. The use of live and local baits ensures aggressive predatory fish.

Quality tackle is used as well as custom built sportfishing rods.  (Fly Fishermen need to bring their own equipment)

Fish species regularly caught include: Barramundi, Fingermark, Mangrove Jack, Grunter, Queenfish, Cod, Tarpon, Salmon, Bream and Giant Trevally.

Sea Eagles, Brahminy Kites and a large variety of birdlife and crocodiles are regularly seen on the tour. Spectacular views of the Rex Range and Mossman Gorge can be enjoyed whilst fishing on the Dickson Inlet.

Fly Fishing: 
Due to the nature of Fly Fishing only 1 person is able to fish on the vessel when Fly Fishing.  It is also required that you bring your own equipment. 

Lure Fishing:  
Due to the nature of Lure Fishing on 2 people maximum are able to Lure Fish on the vessel.  

Night Fishing:  
If you like to catch big fish you should definitely book Night Fishing.  Only up to 3 passengers ensures a much higher chance of reeling in a big one.   

The Vessel:

The vessel used is a 6 metre Cairns Custom Craft, specifically built to allow up to 8 anglers to fish in comfort however the vessel only takes 5 anglers on the tour.  The full canopy provides protection from the sun.  The boat, “Jessie” is stable and has a very shallow draft, enabling access to all areas of the Inlet.

Designed with the needs of the serious sport angler in mind. Plenty of front deck room for casting and a shallow draft to get up onto shallow sand flats.

Local Fishing Charter Business of the Year Award Winner - 2014